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Dangerous Mazes by Leo Trinidad

Dangerous Mazes by Leo Trinidad

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Are you brave enough to explore the world's most perilous puzzles?

In this book, each maze is a miniature adventure story. Readers are challenged to guide the hardy protagonists through labyrinths populated by all sorts of humorous danger, from snake-filled pits and rolling boulders, to rampaging rhinos and man-eating monsters. They will have to dodge burning lava and sinking sand before rescuing people... and finally being airlifted to safety! Who would have thought mazes could be this exciting? The varied and colorful mazes feature perils such as sharks, killer robots, traps, monsters, and aliens with ray guns. One maze might be set in Dracula's castle; another might be about escaping from dinosaurs or dodging the lava flows of an erupting volcano.

This book rewards readers' close examination of images with visual humour of the type championed by Martin Handford's Where's Wally series.

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