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The Screen Thief by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

The Screen Thief by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

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Look out! There's a Snaffle about, and she'll eat your screen as a snack!

When the Snaffle arrives in the city, she just wants to play, but everyone's too busy staring at their screens.

The Snaffle discovers that she likes screens, too - as a snack!

When she chomps down every last screen in the city, that's when the fun really starts…

  • Screens away, it's time to play in this warm, funny, and very timely tale from the creators of The Snatchabook.
  • A brightly illustrated rhyming tale for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Helen and Thomas Docherty are the author and illustrator behind The Snatchabook, The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight and Abracazebra
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