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Mary and Frankenstein by Linda Bailey & Júlia Sardà

Mary and Frankenstein by Linda Bailey & Júlia Sardà

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Our Spookedy Book of the Month - Mary and Frankenstein by Linda Bailey & Júlia Sardà

‘On a dark and stormy night, five friends gather by the fire to tell ghost stories…’

The story of how Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein, creating possibly the greatest monster in fiction, is one of the most dramatic tales of literary history.  It is compellingly brought to life here for older children and adults, by award winning author Linda Bailey in this handsome graphic novel, with stylish illustrations and designs by Júlia Sardà.

This horrific ripping yarn features many premature and tragic deaths, the greatest and most influential example of a ghost story ever recounted on ‘a dark and stormy night’ and finally the creation of not one, but two of the greatest horror characters to ever emerge in literature.

The result, Frankenstein, was so powerfully impressive, that nobody believed it could have been written by such a young woman. It must have been created by her husband, they reasoned.

But it was…and this unbelievable story of how it came to be, is as remarkable and eye opening as the novel itself.

This beautiful graphic novel is our well-deserved Halloween Book of the Month! Available for just £2.50 on while stocks last.

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