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Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes by Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilvie

Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes by Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilvie

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Russell Recommends - Book of the Month!

Russell Says

Russell loved this book. He thought it was really funny and he liked the surprise twist at the end. The big purple rhino was cute and well drawn but made him feel a bit sad. He loved the pictures of the rhino on the toilet looking a bit sheepish and relaxing on the sofa with the remote control!

Its a big Paw of Approval from him!

We Say

Anybody who thinks children’s book are just for kids should read this masterful book, as it will have you laughing along with them all the way to the end.

It takes a simple parenting message - pay attention to your children a bit more - and turns it into a beautiful, hilariously surreal story. There are twists, tons of jokes and a very endearing Rhino. It is all so light and effortless that it is easy to forget the craft and talent that went into producing it.

Rhino’s Don’t Eat Pancakes is pretty much the perfect children’s picture book and is an absolute steal at just £2.50.

Mark my words this will become a future classic, perhaps it already is!!

Publisher’s Synopsis 

Daisy's mum and dad are always too busy to listen to a word that she says, so when, one day, she tells them that a big purple rhino has just walked into the house and taken a chomp of her pancake, guess what? That's right - nobody listens!

But there's a surprise in store for Mum and Dad when they discover that a big purple rhino has gone missing from the zoo. Perhaps they should have taken more notice of what Daisy had to say.

Kids will love this funny story about a little girl and her most unlikely new friend.

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