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Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins and Richard Jones

Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins and Richard Jones

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Russell’s Book of the Month - Bird Builds a Nest.


This charming book uses the backdrop of a bird constructing a nest to introduce the concept of ‘forces’ to young children.

It begins with a small bird collecting various items to build a nest and it shows how the industrious bird PULLS worms from the ground, LIFTS the heavy twigs, CARRIES them to the nest and PUSHES them carefully into place. It is a clever way to demonstrate the difference between these various forces and how they work in the real world.

The book reminded me of how many intricate and complex tasks a bird must perform in order to build these elegant design masterpieces of nature. Martin Jenkins’ words express just enough in their simplicity. Richard Jones’ illustrations are beautiful, bold and bright. Every page is wonderfully laid out and brimming with autumnal colours (which is why we are including this one in September and not in Spring) and it all resembles some recently discovered vintage textbook from aeons ago.

Overall, this book is one to treasure. It will enchant and educate your child in equal measure and that is why it is our highly recommended Book of the Month.


“I loved the hard working little bird. I saw how much it had to do to create a home. The experiment at the end of the book was fun and the results were very surprising!”

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