Our Story

Hello and welcome to Gobbledy Books, an independent children’s outlet, where you can find the best selection of interesting children’s books at the lowest prices. 

Even though we specialise in brilliant and affordable books, we are also very passionate about the benefits of reading here at Gobbledy Towers. So we hope that by offering our books at such great prices, it will encourage you to share even more stories with your child. 

But why Gobbledy Books?

Well, if you have ever watched a child sit and devour a good book as if they were consuming their favourite meal..you’ll get it. Reading can be a very addictive and rewarding pastime. Whether your child prefers imaginative stories or learning about the world, we hope our wide range of bargain titles will help them to get the book bug.

My book story started many years ago when the Puffin Club visited my primary school. I was fascinated by the colourful book catalogue handed out in class - filled to the brim with so many magical wonders. Ever since those days, I have loved books, in particular the smell and feel of opening a brand new book. That’s a feeling I still get, even today!





But it was the birth of our daughter that inspired me to pluck up the courage to launch this bookselling business. Seeing her develop a genuine passion for reading and the satisfaction of sharing our bedtime stories has made me appreciate children’s books more than I ever did.

I hope that our site is as much a celebration of children’s books, as well as simply being a business. So we pick a favourite title from our shelf each month and tell you why we like it (alongside our resident  bookworm and company mascot - Russell the Pandasaur). Plus in our bookseller’s blog, the Bloggedy Nook we share some stories from the bookselling world and inside the business.

What we haven’t forgotten, when family finances are so tight, is that price is REALLY important to everyone at the moment. So most of our books cost just £2.50, making them less expensive than a certain online giant I could mention. 

Anyhow, that’s enough about us. If you like the look of our books, please take a look at our full range and give us a try. In exchange, we promise to do our best to ensure that you come back and buy some more. 

Thanks, Mark

Founder - Gobbledy Books