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Barbie and the Secret Door - Sticker Activity Book

Barbie and the Secret Door - Sticker Activity Book

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There can only be one Book of the Month for August and that is the book with the same name as the big movie everyone is talking about..yes it’s the Oppenheimer Sticker Activity Book!

Even though we would happily stock any book that recreated key moments from the atomic age in sticker form, it’s Barbie we are talking about here folks. So if you like your Barbie a bit more old school and traditional, then this could be the sticker book for you.

The designers were obviously told to incorporate as much pink as possible into every nook and cranny of this book and you can say, on that level, they completely knocked it out of the park. In fact, the whole book oozes a luxuriant quality that you would expect from the iconic Malibu resident.

And not one hint of a Greta Gerwig post modernist gag in sight..a film which got a big thumbs up from my 12 year old, by the way.

Sometimes it is better to come up with your own punchlines we say. Especially if you can’t take your own youngster to see the movie. So grab your own slice of pink paradise for them before they all sell out..for only £2.50!

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