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Mouse in the House by Russell Ayto

Mouse in the House by Russell Ayto

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June’s Book of the Month is..Mouse in the House by Russell Ayto

What do Laurel & Hardy, the ‘Wet Bandits’ from Home Alone and Hefty Hugh & Lanky Len from the What The Ladybird Heard all have in common? Well, they are all examples of the classic comedy duo.

Hapless duos have been widely used in storytelling for as long as there have been stories and Mouse in the House features its own hilarious pair.

Mr Bosh & Mr Bumble have been sent to perform one simple task, to catch a very clever mouse in a house. Each time they fail, each time they think of an idea even more bizarre than the last. Surreal chaos ensues and the story ends with a big, messy climax.

Classic illustrator/author Russell Ayto brings his distinctive cartoony style to this simple tale, which builds with each page and will have the reader scratching their heads with what crazy idea the pair will come up with next.

It’s funny, it’s stylish, it’s a bit like the film Mousehunt, which is no bad thing and it is our well deserved Book of the Month for June.

"Ayto's colorful, expressive illustrations perfectly complement this fun tale, an ideal choice for an early elementary school read aloud." School Library Journal

Publisher: Andersen Press
Number of pages: 32
Weight: 170g
Dimensions: 240 x 240mm

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