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Pick a Pine Tree (Hardcover) by Patricia Tout and Jarvis

Pick a Pine Tree (Hardcover) by Patricia Tout and Jarvis

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Russell’s Book of the Month is Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht & Jarvis

If I were to choose one of my favourite things about Christmas, then the ceremony of decorating the Christmas tree each December would certainly be right up there.

The honourable tradition in our household is to spend a lazy afternoon together with my daughter attempting to create a sense of glittery chaos from the copious, completely unmatching baubles on offer, whilst sipping on something festive with some seasonal tunes playing on a loop in the background.

This can often last for many hours, until we are both eventually (kind of) satisfied with the result.

Pick a Pine Tree’ is the perfect embodiment of this essential part of Christmas. It is a handsome book with many detailed illustrations by the wonderful Jarvis, that captures the warmth and togetherness of the season.

Starting with the tree selection and finishing with the finally decorated result, the witty rhyming verse moves the story along to a natural finish..and then there is the surprise twist of a double page ‘pop-up’ tree at the end!

Honestly, I cannot believe that we are selling this miniature Christmas marvel for just £2.50 (rrp £8.99). We have both the hardcover and paperback editions in stock as I write this, but I would definitely grab the beautifully produced hardback version before they all sell out, as it is a wonderful keepsake.

Russell says -

This book has got him really excited for Christmas. He loved the really cosy scenes and the neat little touches on each page, like the cute robins pulling the sled and the funny dog helping with the christmas lights.



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