Virtual Book Fairs for Schools or Nurseries

Virtual Book Fairs

School/Nursery Info Sheet


Our hassle free, online book fairs aim to get children reading more, by offering them a great range of affordable books for every age and also to earn loads of FREE BOOKS for your school or nursery. All the purchases are made online and so they can be held anywhere in the UK.

All books on our website are brand new and most are just £2.50 each, whether it’s a £4.99 RRP activity book or £9.99 RRP gift book. You can order as many or as few as you like, with no postage to pay.

Our virtual book fairs create a great buzz and are positive experiences for -

CHILDREN - by reading more they will improve their confidence, literacy and academic skills.

PARENTS - will have access to more great books for their children, as they are all competitively price with no postage costs.

SCHOOLS/NURSERIES - the fair provides a great event for children, parents and staff to buy, plus your school/nursery gets FREE BOOKS to boost their library stock or to use as teaching resources.

The best thing is that a virtual book fair is a doddle to set up. We take care of the work, while the children and your school/nursery get the benefits!



So how does the fair work?

We book in a date for your Virtual Fair.

All the digital promotional materials will be provided.

Your fair will run for 7-10 days. Parents, children and staff will have the whole week (and up to 2 weekends) to make their selections from the website.

Most of our brand new books are just £2.50 each. We also have number of Gobbledy Specials available to buy. These are slightly higher priced titles that also offer terrific value.

Parents will need to put in the pupil’s name/class and the school/nursery address and postcode in the delivery address section. Then they should enter the special  CODE provided by your school or nursery in the ‘discount code’ box, when you get to the payment page of the website. This will trigger FREE POSTAGE for the order, whatever the size.

For every 5 books ordered during the fair, we donate 1 free book of your choice to the school/nursery as a thank you for holding the fair.

We will email you a special code after the fair to redeem your school’s free books.

Within a few days of the fair ending, your books will be wrapped and delivered to your school/nursery for the children and the staff to enjoy!

Each book order will be individually gift wrapped, with the pupil/child name/class on, ready to be handed out by the teacher or the staff.


For further information or questions, see our Q&A sheet in the ‘Schools’ section on our website.

Or if you have any other questions or want to book a fair with us, email and we’ll be happy to help.