Meet our Resident Bookworm Pandasaur.


This is Russell the Pandasaur!

He likes it at Gobbledy Books, because Russell is what you might call a VERY keen reader and there are simply loads of amazing books in our warehouse to keep him happy. 

Russell is a very rare example of a pandasaur. There aren’t many left in the world so we’re very lucky to have him. He has agreed to stay with us for a while and recommend some books from our range he thinks you will find interesting.

We will feature a new one every month in our RUSSELL RECOMMENDS section. Russell only gives the very best ones his coveted PAW OF APPROVAL!

As well as being a massive bookworm, he has a special skill when it comes to telling how good a book will be. He only needs to put it up to his nose and he can ‘taste’ the story inside. It’s a pretty nifty shortcut for sure.

He’s quite fussy though and they all ‘taste’ differently to him, depending on what they are about, but you can guarantee he will only choose the best ones!

 Try and spot our friendly pandasaur around the website and on our book packages and mail outs.

We’ll hope he’ll stay, it's nice having him around the place..


We wish to express our thanks to Rob Brandt for his brilliant design work on Russell. 

You can check out Rob’s design services here.


I would also like to thank my daughter Rosa for giving Russell a bit of a festive makeover at Christmas!

Another designer in the making…