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Secrets of Winter - A Shine A Light Book

Secrets of Winter - A Shine A Light Book

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Russell’s Seasonal Book of the Month is ‘Secrets of Winter’


Our seasonal ‘Gobbledy Special’ Book of the Month is Shine A Light - Secrets of Winter by Carron Brown & Georgina Tee

We really like the ‘Shine A Light’ series here at Gobbledy HQ. This well produced book takes us on an exciting journey through a wintery landscape, looking at the many things in nature to discover in the snowy environment. As well as being beautifully illustrated and educational, the real fun comes on each double spread page, when you have to shine a torch (or hold the book up the light) to reveal a hidden image. There is a clue to the picture on the page and part of the fun comes from trying to work out what the secret concealed image could be!

Children from 3-8 will love exploring and interacting with this book and it is our well deserved December Book of the Month!

This book is part of our Gobbledy Specials Range. These are books that we think you wouldn’t want to miss out on, but they fall outside of our normal £2.50 price point.  This one has an RRP of £8.99 and is available at for just £3.50, while stocks last.

What is hidden in the world around us?
The uniquely designed Shine-A-Light series of books uncovers the facts behind a diverse range of places and topics through hidden images that are revealed by light. First, view a full-colour scene and read about what is pictured – but what else is there? Shine a torch behind the page, or hold it up to the light, to reveal what is hidden. Turn the page to read fun facts about the hidden image in black and white.

A world of surprises awaits!

Meet some amazing animals and learn how they adapt to winter! From the bears in their lairs and the foxes in their dens, to the squirrels and birds in the treetops, discover nature's secrets about the animals and plants that live in and around a snow-covered forest. Then hold each page up to a bright light to reveal a hidden image! A wonderful first introduction to nature in winter with a unique design that adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment for children.

A fun and innovative non-fiction title for your child's bookshelf.

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