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Peril at the Bake Off by Ruth Quayle & Marta Kissi

Peril at the Bake Off by Ruth Quayle & Marta Kissi

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It is the school holidays and Joe Robinson and his cousins are staying with their granny in Muddlemoor village. The problem is...Muddlemoor is a serious hotspot for crime. 

When Granny’s precious cake recipe goes missing days before the Great Village Bake Off, Joe, Tom and Pip are flabbergasted. They know that one of the neighbours has stolen it but the question is, who??


"A great, short chapter book for lower KS2. Children will be able to identify with the characters and will see the humour in some of the situations the cousins get themselves into. I can't wait to read more in this series"

"'Forget Midsomer, Muddlemoor Village is a proper crime hotspot... The hunt for the missing recipe unfolds wonderfully and there’s a twist at the end that Agatha Christie would be proud of. Marta Kissi’s illustrations are really lovely too'"

"A really fun mystery for younger readers that shows how much trouble children can get themselves into when their imaginations run wild... an entertaining start to what I believe is a new series that I'm sure will be popular in libraries"

"A brilliant children's mystery story. Ruth Quayle has captured the essence of childhood when life is one big adventure... light-hearted and full of experience children can relate to... readers are going to absolutely love this story and I can't wait to share it with children"

"Full of fun and adventure, this is an exciting mystery that children will love being a part of! Quayle has written a humorous tale perfect for children 7+"

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