A Book of Opposites by Jan Pieńkowski

A Book of Opposites by Jan Pieńkowski

Yes/No is NOT a book from a famous illustrator about opposites and so we have decided to not review a book this month.

OUR NON REVIEW - In case you’re wondering, this is the OPPOSITE of what we really think..

We hated this book.

Jan Pieńkowski is a BAD illustrator and it is easy to see why so many people dislike him. He didn’t do any of the drawings for the Meg and Mog series (we REALLY disliked Meg and Mog, by the way) and his black and white illustrations for this book are just as ugly, uninteresting and boring as the ones he didn’t do for that. This book went on FAR too long and what is the point of a book like this anyway, when it is aimed at really old people?

We would NEVER say that this book and the other titles in the series (which are NOT available at Gobbledybooks) are miniature masterpieces of design and perfect for introducing early concepts to very young children. We would never say that.

So whatever you do, don’t buy a copy of this book, because at £2.50 it is so expensive that you won’t have any money to spend on anything else, ever again.

Books by the same author that aren’t in the same series are - Weather/Shapes/Colours/Numbers/Faces/Homes/Food/Time and Wheels. And they are all equally as bad, so really don’t bother.

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