Bargain Children’s Book of the Month for June

Bargain Children’s Book of the Month for June

Peril at the Bake Off by Ruth Quayle & Marta Kissi

Russell, our resident Pandasaur, is always the first to help out when urgent orders need packing at Gobbledy HQ.

So imagine our surprise when one busy morning (when we could really use a helpful extra paw or two), he was nowhere to be found!!

Now Russell can be shy and retiring, especially when engrossed in a good book and a quick search of his usual hidey holes and book nooks still produced no results. We were starting to get quite concerned, when he was finally discovered curled up in a large box in the corner of the warehouse…totally engrossed in June’s Book of the Month!!

Which was appropriate, Peril at the Bake Off is a rather good mystery story.

It is the summer holiday and Joe Robinson and his cousins are staying with their granny in Muddlemoor village. The problem is that Muddlemoor is a hotspot for crime. When Granny’s precious cake recipe goes missing days before the Great Village Bake Off, Joe, Tom and Pip are FLABBERGASTED..

Russell says that Peril at the Bake Off is a real page-turner. There are lots of hidden clues to spot and the young team of amateur sleuths get themselves some really hilarious situations. Also watch out for the strange robot cat, the cool illustrations and a totally unexpected twist at the end! He really enjoyed reading it and cannot wait to try the other books in the series.

It is our well-deserved Book of the Month for June, available now at the Gobbledy Special price of just £3.50, while stocks last.

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