Classic Children’s Book - Stanley’s Stick

Classic Children’s Book - Stanley’s Stick

Stanley’s Stick is a dream team pairing of comedy poet, Hegley and hugely respected illustrator, Neil Layton.

The book tells a seemingly straightforward tale of an child’s obsession with a wooden stick. Stanley’s stick becomes many amazing things in his imagination and the story captures really well the way in which children can give outwardly (outwoodly?) simple objects great power and meaning in their lives.

Hegley alliterates, puns and weaves his wordly magic over every page, while Layton’s charming illustrations capture the essence of the playful poetic text. The book also manages to tackle themes of nature, recycling, rediscovery and the acceptance of change, in its relatively short length. It’s a brilliant read, with a cool twist at the end. Stanley’s Stick is simply fantastick!


It’s available on our website for just £2.50.


If I were to stick my neck out, I would say..just buy it!

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