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Flamingo Celeste is Not Like the Rest by Celeste Barber

Flamingo Celeste is Not Like the Rest by Celeste Barber

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Written by comedy legend Celeste Barber and illustrated by bestselling Heath McKenzie, this gorgeous picture book has humour and heart by the boatload!

Celeste the flamingo LOVES wearing colourful clothes. Gold trinkets one day, a green dress the next, gorgeous shoes for every occasion - the more colours and the more extravagant the outfit, the better!

Except.. Celeste's friends do NOT feel the same. In fact, all they want is for her to blend in.

But what if Celeste's flamboyant flamingo outfits are more than just being pretty to look at? What if they actually help Celeste save a friend in distress?

Well, maybe - just maybe - that would change everything...

  • Brilliantly funny story written by multi-talented comedian, Celeste Barber
  • Flamboyantly fabulous illustrations by top illustrator, Heath McKenzie
  • With themes of friendship, self-confidence, uniqueness and resilience

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