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Project Dinosaur - Bursting with super-cool facts!

Project Dinosaur - Bursting with super-cool facts!

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Project Dinosaur takes a hands-on approach to exploring all there is to know about dinosaurs, from the Triassic period to the studies of today.

  • 11 projects to try, including creating fossil footprints and make your own super-continent
  • Packed with awesome illustrations of dinosaurs and prehistoric life
  • Bursting with mind-blowing bug facts throughout 

Project Dinosaurs is an interactive, illustrated non-fiction book, ideal for curious learners aged 7+. Encouraging creativity, fun projects will help children investigate different types dinosaurs and each important period. Find out where they came from, how they lived and why they became extinct. With endless activities and fascinating facts to absorb, children will enjoy discovering the awesome era of the dinosaurs!

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