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Read Me to Sleep - Let’s Go to Sleep

Read Me to Sleep - Let’s Go to Sleep

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If your child struggles to drift off at night, Let’s Go to Sleep is the answer. This beautifully illustrated story is the only book you need for calm, relaxed bedtimes, night after night.

Let’s Go to Sleep is specially designed to soothe your child to sleep, helping them wind down and relax at the end of the day. Including five simple and effective steps to help ease your child to sleep, this lulling story features techniques and prompts that effortlessly encourage both reader and listener to breathe deep and dream.

So enter the magical Forest of Dreams and follow Mama Bird as she leads a drowsy crew of animal friends on the gentle journey to sleep.

Book features:
– Opportunities to personalise the text and include your child’s name in the story
– Cues to help readers slow down and use their voices more effectively for bedtime
– Deep breathing embedded in the narrative to maximise relaxation for both adult and child
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