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Toys - Little Hands Stroller / Buggy Book

Toys - Little Hands Stroller / Buggy Book

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Attach this sweet and sturdy board book to your buggy and enjoy your time out as baby explores 12 captivating high-contrast pictures of fun and familiar toys, along with the word for each. Smile at yellow rubber duck, choo-choo with the train and make music with the xylophone.

Keep baby entertained and learning on the go with Little Hands Stroller Books. Babies are born with undeveloped vision and researchers have found that they strongly prefer high-contrast images that stand out in their blurry new world. With a convenient strap that attaches the book to a buggy, each of these durable board books features colourful, high-contrast illustrations on lively, patterned black-and-white backgrounds.

Little ones will be enthralled as they develop their vision and language skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

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