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Battle of the Blighty Bling by Ruth Quayle & Eric Heyman

Battle of the Blighty Bling by Ruth Quayle & Eric Heyman

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Vic and her younger brother and sister Bert and Maud have been left alone at home, which means they will get into mischief. But not just any ordinary kind of mischief, because Vic and her family are PIRATES.

The only problem is, Dad sunk the family pirate ship and now the family is stuck in a caravan by the sea. So when the kids accidentally lose the family pirate treasure, the legendary Blighty Bling, it's up to them to take to the high seas in a leaky rowing boat and get it back, with their annoying know-it-all neighbours in tow.

But their swashbuckling adventure runs into a few problems when they meet their pirate enemy, Captain Guillemot, and Vic discovers a few home truths along the way..


"Perfect for seven- to nine-year-olds, this is a brilliant, fast-paced adventure for those of us who love mischief."

"Quayle turns the pirates' most terrifying habits into comedy. The McScurvys gleefully litter and offend: they are pirates after all. Eric Heyman's illustrations and typographical design, meanwhile, make each page attractive."

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