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DK Eyewitness Ocean (new edition)

DK Eyewitness Ocean (new edition)

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February’s Books of the Month are the DK Eyewitness Guides

We’re big fans of the DK brand here at Gobbledy HQ and so this month we are recommending not one, but all of our latest Eyewitness Guides.

Dorling Kindersley have been producing brilliant illustrated reference books for as long as we can remember. These classic guides never date, they are still one of the best ways of getting clear, concise info on a wide range of current topics.

Plus these are the brand new editions, redesigned with up to date facts. Perfect for any 9+ student, school library or casual fact fan. Along with DK Ocean pictured, we also have DK Ancient Rome, Egypt, Volcanoes, Climate Change and more.

Grab them while you can for just £3.50 each, which we believe could be the best price available anywhere..


Become an eyewitness to the world’s oceans and explore everything from shores and reefs to the freezing depths.

Discover the watery world that covers two-thirds of the globe and find out why oceans are so important to life on Earth.

Meet jet-propelled octopuses and hermit crabs, look closely at seaweed, find out how waves form and discover the submarines and submersibles that have explored shipwrecks and the deepest trenches. Learn about prehistoric oceans and find out how people are trying to protect the oceans of the future.

Loved and trusted for over 30 years, Eyewitness has a new look and even more content:

• A bite-sized formula of text with images that kids love!

• Fully revised and fact-checked by subject specialists

• Packed with facts, infographics, statistics, and timelines

• Updated with brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the field

Eyewitness Ocean uses a groundbreaking visual layout that makes learning fun for kids aged 9-12. Discover the sequences of sea animal behavior, diagrams of how oceans work, and maps along with amazing facts, infographics, statistics, and timelines to reveal the many aspects of this marine.

Eyewitness content approved by -ologists!

DK’s Eyewitness kids books are updated and fact-checked by subject specialists, with brand new first-hand eyewitness accounts throughout from experts in the field.

A best-selling series known and trusted for generations, with a fresh new look and up-to-date content. 

What will you Eyewitness next?

Join the journey to combat climate change with Eyewitness Climate Change or take a trip aboard the most famous ship in history with Eyewitness Titanic.

Do you think you’ve found your topic of interest? DK has even more ocean books for kids and adults alike find them all by searching for “DK ocean books”

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