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Foxy in Love by Emma Dodd

Foxy in Love by Emma Dodd

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Foxy is back, and once again his friend Emily needs his help.

Emily is trying to make a Valentine's Day card and needs Foxy to remind her of all the things she loves. From hot chocolate with marshmallows to all kinds of flowers, Foxy is able to make everything Emily loves just magically appear. But sometimes he makes a mistake (Emily loves balloons... not racoons, Foxy!).

Luckily, Foxy can always find a good solution when things go wrong, and he knows just the way to make Emily's card complete. In the end, Foxy and Emily figure out just how much they mean to each other!

Publisher: HarperCollins

Number of pages:32

Weight: 230g

Dimensions: 265 x 259mm

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