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I am a Sensible Gibbon by Will Mabbitt & Claudia Boldt

I am a Sensible Gibbon by Will Mabbitt & Claudia Boldt

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It seems that there is only one rule and that is that ‘fun- is entirely forbidden‘. What’s more this rule encompasses everything. Gibbon explains in I Am a Sensible Gibbon what it means to be sensible. It seems it entails ‘no tutus or dressing as birds‘. There is to be ‘no clapping of hands or animal bands’. What’s more, there must be ‘no drama with Llama‘ nor ‘tortoise styling its hare’. 

Will Mabbitt’s wordplay is outstanding. We exalt in the nonsense and wonder and imagination. What’s more, his rhyme is delightful so that I Am a Sensible Gibbon begs to be read repeatedly and thereafter recited.

Meanwhile, Claudia Boldt offers a cacophony of creatures and colours that seem poised to break free of Gibbon’s rule. Is it possible that there must be no cake, for example? Or ‘no tap-dancing tarsiers’ or ‘hamsters on wheels’? Sensible sounds rather dull….

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