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Octonauts Above & Beyond - A Search and Find Book

Octonauts Above & Beyond - A Search and Find Book

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The Octonauts are caught up in a storm and wash up on the Skeleton Coast. A new friend, Paani, tells them that all of the water has dried up and there’s nothing to drink. Can the Octonauts help the animals of Skeleton Coast find water?

Under water and on land, the Octonauts have enlisted their intrepid friends from around the world as Octo-agents! Equipped with a new fleet of land-based Terra Gups – the Octonauts’ work is as vital as ever. They explore far-flung environments, rescue animals that need their help, and protect the land and all living creatures.

Featuring everyone’s favourites from the original series, such as Captain Barnacles and Kwazii Cat, OCTONAUTS: ABOVE AND BEYOND also introduces lovable new Octo-Agents like Paani, the water scientist monkey – not to mention their cool new vehicle, the Octo-Ray! Meet the new Octo-Agents (and Junior Agents) in this search and find as they embark on new missions. Read about each of the agents as you help find the Octonauts and animals to save the day!

Full of busy colourful scenes from the show, odd one out activities and favourite characters, this is sure to be a hit for fans of the show!

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