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Stem Fun! My Stem Day Mathematics

Stem Fun! My Stem Day Mathematics

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Entertaining your curious Key Stage 1 child at home is easy with My STEM Day, which is packed with experiments, projects and activities for readers to try at home.

What does it really mean when you give 100%? How does money work? Can you measure your volume while taking a bath?

With the help of dynamic illustrations and fun activities, My STEM Day - Maths is perfect for children as young as 5 years old and explains how marvellous maths is right behind a whole host of everyday activities.

Follow the clock through an average day and find out how maths makes a difference in a huge amount of activities around the home.

The pages are filled with unique, fun and original illustrations, not to mention projects and experiments that turns maths from a scary challenge into a fun activity for parents and children.

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