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The Pet by Catherine Emmett & David Tazzyman

The Pet by Catherine Emmett & David Tazzyman

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Digby David slammed the door,

and dumped his bag upon the floor.

"Daddy! I DEMAND a pet,

Why have I not got one yet?"

Digby David wants a pet, but not just any pet - it has to be TWICE as big as Reuben's guinea pig and even better than Lily Jean's cat. Digby David's Daddy does what he's told, and soon Digby has a guinea pig, which he loves with all his heart... for half a day. Digby demands bigger and better, Daddy's hair gets greyer and greyer, and when Digby's dog gets boring too, he insists Daddy buy him..a gorilla!

A hilarious tale with a 'be careful what you wish for' message, especially if you wish for a gorilla and don't look after it properly.

Shortlisted for Oscar's Book Prize 2022

 Publisher: Macmillan

Number of pages: 32

Weight: 188g

Dimensions: 280 x 225mm

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