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The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee, Stuart Moore (Marvel)

The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee, Stuart Moore (Marvel)

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Steven Lee's school trip to China doesn't go quite as expected.

For one thing, he feels lost in a place where people expect him to feel at home.

For another, a lot of the cooler museum exhibits are empty. And, oh yeah - he stumbles upon ancient pools filled with powers connected to the Chinese Zodiac. And then there's the Vanguard, the corrupt organization in the middle of a dangerous ritual to harness those powers. After unknowingly receiving the powers of the Tiger, complete with super strength and killer reflexes, Steven finds himself joining a ragtag group bent on stopping the Vanguard. Steven may be a quick-thinking fourteen year-old who can punch through walls, but the might of the Vanguard is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Or so the Vanguard would like to think.

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